Why Coding is Kind of a Big Deal

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This resource from Google’s Made with Code site does a great job of breaking down what Computer Science is and why it matters.

Here’s an excerpt:

Together, we can help ensure that more girls become the creators, and not just the consumers, of our collective digital future. As parents, teachers, coaches, advisors, and role models, we all have a huge role to play in helping to make coding relevant and exciting for girls. In fact, a nationwide study that we published 5 earlier this year found that encouragement from adults and peers is the most significant contributor to a girl’s decision to pursue Computer Science—even more than her parents’ occupations or household income. No matter what your background is, you can help by connecting coding to the things girls are passionate about.

You can read the whole thing here: Why Coding is Kind of a Big Deal

Google has focused their initiative on getting girls into coding. TechBrainiacs is dedicated to getting as many girls AND boys involved in Computer Science as possible. Please take a look at our class selection and decide with your daughter or son which will be best for them.


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