CS In the Press – Deciphering the Code

Picture of US President Barack Obama talking with a young girl about computer programming during the 2014 Hour of Code event.

This Newsweek interview with Hadi Partovi, the co-founder and CEO of Code.org, is entitled “Deciphering the Code: Why America’s Kids Need to Learn Computer Science”. Hadi offers up some great information about why computer science education is important, the current state of computer science education in America, and more. Here are some excerpts that we thought were especially important and enlightening. You can read the whole interview here.

The world around us is being completely changed by technology in every field. Whether you want to go into banking, medicine, law, politics, transportation, entertainment, retail. Every single field is impacted significantly by computers and software, and the fact that our schools don’t even teach the most basic course of how computers work and how the internet works seems like a gaping hole in our education offerings. 

Nobody needs to be told that technology is important. Nobody needs to be told that technology is changing the world and there are incredible opportunities. What people didn’t recognize is that it’s easy to learn how to program a computer, that it’s fun, and that eight-year-old girls can do it too.

He has so many more great things to say and he goes into detail about their plans to partner with school districts across the country to make computer science classes accessible to more students. We are excited to follow their progress as we too aim to do the same thing for the kids of Las Vegas.

Please visit the Our Classes page to find out more about current and upcoming class offerings such as Introduction to Computer Science – Unplugged, Introduction to Video Game Design, and more!


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