About Us

Our Mission

TechBrainiacs aims to promote learning in the fields of Computer Science and Electronics, as well as to foster digital literacy in a world ever more dependent upon technology. To that end, we strive to provide our students with tools and knowledge they can use to build their understanding of the fundamentals of Computer Science. Our classes are designed to bolster creativity and promote self-learning. Above all else, we hope to inspire the next generation of Computer Scientists and to prepare our students to be creators, and not just consumers, of computers and other electronics.

Our Story

My name is Jeremy Bruner and while there are many things that define me as a person, it is two of my lifelong loves that have led me to start TechBrainiacs.

I am an educator at heart. Long before I entered the education field professionally as a elementary classroom teacher, I would seek out opportunities to help others with what they were struggling to learn on their own. As any teacher will tell you, the cliche about the best part of the job being the moment when you can see the light bulb click on as one of your students finally “gets it” is absolutely true.

I have grown up alongside the personal computer. I have no memories of life before I was using computers. Those earliest memories date back to over thirty years ago now. Aside from playing games, I also remember writing programs on my father’s Commodore 64. I would find these programs in the pages of computing magazines and in books from the library. My family owned one of the first consumer PC models with a CD-ROM drive. I’ve had an online presence in some form or another for over 25 years. For the last fifteen years, I have hand-picked the components for and built every desktop computer I’ve owned. It is fair to say that, outside of my family, computers have been a bigger part of my life than just about anything else.

Everything I am and everything I’ve done has led me to TechBrainiacs. I couldn’t be more excited to bring together these two major parts of my life.